Big Data Design and Development

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Big Data Design and Development

Big Data is considered to help informed decision making about understanding competition, and bringing additional dimensions to productivity growth, innovation, and competitiveness. Big Data also holds great potential for many sectors both in terms of operational efficiency improvements and the development of new services and products.

Metaplore can help design a complete big data platform using technologies such as Hadoop and help make a big difference in an organization’s growth process.

Analysis and Design:

  • Landscape analysis and scoping
  • As-is and to-be architecture design
  • Design and derive business use cases
  • Big data infrastructure and platform design


  • Capacity planning as per design
  • Application, Dashboards and Reports planning ( LLD)


  • Application, Dashboards and Reports development
  • Pilot testing
  • Production deployment


  • Routine audits and reviews
  • Capacity reviews
  • Operations and content management on case-to-case basis